New Hires Team Spiio

Experienced East Coast Rep, Greg Goudeau, joins Spiio

Spiio is proud to introduce Greg Goudeau as our newest hire to Spiio’s talented team. Greg is not only an immensely experienced sales rep but also a former triathlete with interest in outdoor eco-adventures and taste for good hoppy IPAs.

Based in Virginia Beach, Greg will be focused on expanding and building relationships with Golf Courses on the east coast. With experience in corporate sales management in the professional golf and sports turf markets for both John Deere and Rain Bird, Greg Goudeau is uniquely positioned to bridge the relationship between manufacturers, distributors and customers. Joining Spiio’s sales team, Greg’s responsibility is to help Spiio grow our golf community on the east coast. Greg describes the challenge like this:

“I have gained great perspective on what it takes to build a great relationship between manufacturers, distributors and customers, and I’m excited by the value proposition that Spiio provides to turf professionals world-wide.”

Greg Goudeau

With a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from University of Maryland, Greg has the agronomic background understanding the how and why golf course superintendents need #SpiioData. Greg’s previous graduate studies focusing on best practices for nutrient management on golf courses adds a new dimension to Spiio’s agronomic consultancy. Lastly, Greg Goudeau brings tangible experience as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent at courses in Virginia and North Carolina to the table.

“We are very excited to bring on Greg to the Spiio team. He brings industry knowledge, network and drive to the team. Greg will go out and make a tremendous difference for the team and the future of the technology we are pioneering in the golf industry.”

Chris Thorup, CCO, Spiio

Outside of Spiio and golf, Greg is enjoying the outdoorsy lifestyle along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and is regularly running, cycling, kayaking, swimming, and paddling with his wife. As a foodie he is always on the lookout for new restaurants, food trucks, or microbreweries and distilleries. His favorite beverages are a good hoppy IPA or a well-aged old-Tom style gin. 

Greg is now part of the team promoting a new way of managing turf in a sustainable manner with #SpiioData and describes the future like this:

“The industry has been using predictive models, IPM, and BMP’s for many years.  But with the introduction of Spiio’s hardware and data, turf managers will be able to save time and money by streamlining their daily operations and decision making.”

Greg Goudeau

Asked about what excited Greg about Spiio here how he described it:

“My father was an electrical engineer, and I gained from him a natural curiosity to discover what makes things work. I’m excited by the technology brought to market by Spiio and combining this with my background in agronomy/golf to help turf professionals enhance their agronomic and water conservation decision making processes.”

Welcome to the team, Greg, we are very excited to have you onboard!

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